You Are Not Alone

Dear Fellow Survivors,

As we seek to make sense of our lives in the aftermath of sexual trauma, many of us find ourselves feeling alone. The road to recovery is difficult and it's easy to become discouraged, even hopeless.  And yet, my own experience as an incest survivor and my decade long research on sexual trauma have convinced me that the human spirit is unlimited in its ability to heal itself.  To that end,  I am pleased to introduce YOU ARE NOT ALONE, a six week online program offered freely to survivors.

The thrust of my advocacy work thus far has been to reach out to family and friends of survivors and to encourage them to participate in the healing process.  I have experienced so much support for my book, YOU CAN HELP, and am grateful to all the loved ones who have stepped up to the plate. The response from both family and friends as well as survivors themselves has given my life a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Nevertheless, this new endeavor born of a determination to share hope directly with my sisters and brothers who have suffered as I have the shame and pain of sexual traumahas been even more rewarding. 

YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Six Weeks of Healing Conversation with Rebecca Street is dedicated to helping survivors fully embrace life with joy and gratitude by providing concrete tools for recovery. I hope you'll join me.