Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting You Can Help Survivors. In an effort to heal my own life and help other survivors, I have spent over a decade researching sexual trauma and interviewing countless survivors of both sexual abuse and assault. The goal of my work is to transform our pain and loss into something redemptive so that others will suffer less. If you have a family member or friend who is the victim of sexual trauma, you are in a unique position to ease that person’s pain. May the insights and practical suggestions offered in the pages of my book, You Can Help, assist you in doing so. And if you are a survivor yourself, please sign up for my free online program: You Are Not Alone. There, you will find concrete guidance and comfort as you move toward recovery.

— Rebecca Street

The Book

You Can Help: A Guidebook for Family & Friends of Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault is available in paperback and eReader formats on, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and other fine online retailers.

"This warm and wise book was written from strength born of hard work and deep understanding. Universal and personal, passionate and compassionate, You Can Help is a gift to survivors and those who love them and will prove a valuable asset for professionals who work with trauma."  —MIKE LEW, Author of Victims No Longer.