RAINN: The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network
RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline and carries out programs to prevent sexual assault, help victims, and ensure that rapists are brought to justice. 

Next Step Counseling : Mike Lew and Thom Harrigan
Next Step offers individual therapy, couple's counseling, and workshops with the primary focus being on adult male recovery from the effects of sexual child abuse and other trauma. 

SNAP: The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests
SNAP’s mission is to protect those who are vulnerable to child sexual abuse, heal those who have been wounded, and prevent future abuse.

Protect Our Defenders: Strengthening the Military
Protect Our Defenders honors, supports and gives voice to the brave women and men who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members.

Rachael Naomi Remen; Remembering Your Power to Heal
Dr. Remen’s website is a place to meet together to explore healing - your own and other people’s. Healing is not a work of perfection or expertise. We are all healers.

David Lisak and Jim Hopper: Founding Members of 1in6
Dr. Lisak is a clinical psychologist, a forensic consultant, and the creator of "The Bristlecone Project: Portraits and Biographies of Male Survivors". 
Dr. Hopper is a therapist, researcher, and instructor at Harvard Medical School whose work focuses on issues of male sexual abuse and the role "Mindfulness & Kindness" can play in the healing process.  

Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe
Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe is a newly developed, school-based, child abuse prevention education program that focuses on child safety.

Darkness to Light: End Child Sex Abuse
Darkness to Light is an advocacy organization that educates adults how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.