Rumi said "The wound is the place the light enters in." So let's open our hearts and watch the light stream in....

That big hole of emptiness inside
the one we tenaciously try to minimize and hide
Is really not empty at all.
It is overflowing with hopes and dreams
and lingering longings to know God.
It summons us to search and seek for more.
We must not be afraid of its poignancy.
We are lonesome travelers you and I
and while awaiting our final destination
we vainly use an arsenal of fake ammunition
(it is that which causes us to feel empty)
to shoot down our worldly wanton fears,
to silence screams of already silenced tears.
If we but grasped the truth of our journey of grace
We could rest in this blessed place
With its warring phantoms lurking about
And be warmed by the light streaming through it all.