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I am thrilled to announce that You Are Not Alone, a special newsletter program developed for survivors of sexual abuse and assault, is now available. Please sign up below and join me for six weeks of healing conversation, with daily letters delivered right to your inbox.

The Guidebook

You Can Help is now available in paperback and eReader formats on, CreateSpace, Barnes & Noble, and other fine online retailers.* Please use links below to purchase. And thank you for your support.

Dear Reader,

It is my hope — and the hope of the nineteen survivors who have contributed to this book — that we have transformed the pain and loss in our own lives into something redemptive so that others will suffer less. If you have a family member or friend who is the victim of sexual abuse or assault, take heart for you are in a unique position to ease that person’s pain. May the insights and suggestions offered on these pages help you as you seek to help the one you love. And if you are a survivor, perhaps giving this little book to a friend or family member will assist you in receiving the understanding you long for and deserve.

— Rebecca Street