While in Italy, I found myself more and more trying to listen, not just hear, but really listen to the sounds of beauty and hope and healing that are everywhere. I wrote this poem as a reminder to rise above the mundane and sometimes destructive chatter that can too easily distract me.

Listen well to the whispers but by all means avoid chatter.

God can be found in the whispers: they are softenings of the Spirit
transported on wings above winding rivers that flow eternal ~
beckoning us to sail waves along the soul’s arduous journey.

Chatter, on the other hand, lives low and is too occupied with trivia to hear,
no less communicate, the goodness of God.
It is trash beside a dirt road
and because it is everywhere, too easily and too often obliterates all else.
So beware and listen, listen well to the outpouring of love in the whispers. *