I have to remind myself from time to time that I am part of a much bigger whole than I am able to comprehend and that so much more exists and is possible than I can ever imagine.

Like the whole world in a worldwide whirlwind
the center of my life is circled by a never ending dance
of lost and found blind and sighted lost and found
and I fearful as a child abandoned on a playground
dare to find a way out feeling imprisoned ~ but maybe not.

What if a larger presence than this wee world actually exists
within me no matter what I experience and I unknowingly
am out of the circle at home and free to wander mystery
unencumbered by circumferences?

In this new place where perhaps I **have always been
I shall roam as a deer in high places neither lost nor found
and like a tulip bulb in the dark deep damp earth of winter
be free from fear knowing the springs and summers
that bring my ruby red color to grace the land will follow.
I may drink from the French antique porcelain cup with
its hand painted blue bird unconcerned that it could break
or wake up one morning and put on the pale green silk bra
I have been saving for some other love