I suspect most people experience a sense of loss and gain in varying, coinciding degrees. But for many, the loss can sometimes feel much bigger than the gain. This is often true of sexual trauma survivors who have felt the loss of childhood, the loss of innocence, the loss of dignity, and most crushingly the loss of the self. And yet, if we are on this planet to grow and to learn about love, there seems to unfortunately be no better teacher than suffering to educate us. And with such education, there is enormous gain. Indeed, it is no coincidence that so many of our greatest heroes have suffered immeasurable setbacks. I am reminded of course of the 11 women and 8 men who courageously and generously shared stories of recovery in my book, You Can Help.  How thankful I am on this Thanksgiving Day for each one. Indeed, when we are reminded of the possibility of healing and redemption, we are all better for it.  It is for this reason that we love stories where the underdog triumphs or the loser becomes the winner. We are those people. Today I was reading more stories of hope and healing compiled by Stacy Morrison for the Joyful Heart Foundation.  I am thankful for these accounts too and the inspiration they bring. I am thankful to remember that large spiritedness, extraordinary sensitivity,  and compassionate generosity frequently are born of horrendous pain.  Loss and gain.