Overcomerers Already

What a week!  Like so many Americans, I am bereft.  And as I reflect on what to share with those of us who, as a result of sexual trauma,  often more easily feel triggered and thus respond with anxiety and hyper-vigilance, I remember that all the great religions have taught us that suffering makes us stronger.  The many survivors I interviewed for my book were evidence of that.  So, what are the qualities that have enabled us to recover from the crimes committed against us?







Gentleness to self and others



And the possession of a large spirit.

Indeed, these are the same qualities needed for us to move forward now.  This is not the first time in our history that we as a nation have been divided, that darkness has seemed to obfuscate light, that fear has caused our shadow side to prevail.  We survivors, who have much practice in overcoming , have a great deal to contribute in the struggles that lie ahead.